Testimonial: Mackay, Queensland

Recently a young family living west of Mackay, Queensland, received $350,000 in their bank account to cover a family situation that started off badly less than a month previously.

The head of the household, a self employed 38 year old carpenter, suffered a stroke. His wife and two children, under 5 years old, spent the last few weeks in a hotel room in Brisbane while their bread winner was in hospital recovering.

There wasn’t any income, only expenses and the mortgage payments back home, still had to be paid.

They received a lot of support in the small mining town where they lived. Getting home they found the lawn had been mowed, the dog washed, and the fridge full of food.

Their friends gave them some breathing space to settle back before they all called in.

The good news is that a general insurance broker had referred this young fellow to Belmont Financial Solutions back in 2003, for Income Protection insurance.

We provided him with Income Protection and Trauma insurance. This is the GOOD NEWS. This wouldn’t have happened without the referral from the General Insurer broker.

The following is his words:

“Hello John

I would first of all like to thank you in writing for helping me through this difficult time of my life. As you seemed to know, these situations arise to those who expect things to happen, and in my case, those who don’t expect something to happen. With your expert advice, I have been blessed by the right insurance for my needs, to help me recover from this event. In the past i couldn’t see how I could afford to pay the premiums each month, so I thought of cancelling one of my policies. It was your professionalism and expertise that convinced me to keep up with the policy at an affordable level, and this was one of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever received.

Without the insurance, the past events would have gone for scary to terrifying. When you have a health emergency, the only thing that could make you feel any worse would be to be in a financial emergency as well.

I will be ever grateful to you for your help in this assistance in what has been such a difficult time to get through.

Please use my story for any future clients who don’t have insurance, or are deciding on giving up theirs for financial reasons.”

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